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First-Time Buyers Are Searching for Existing Homes This Year

With a high demand from first-time home buyers and a shortage of inventory in the current market, buying an existing home this year might be your best move. Why? Because when home buyers begin their search, they’re not all looking for new construction. Many are eager to find a little charm and character in a place to call home – possibly yours.

There is a significant demand for existing homes. “In terms of the type of home prospective home buyers are interested in, 40% are looking to buy an existing home and 19% a newly-built home. The remaining 41% would buy either a new or existing home.”

Not all buyers are looking for a newly built house. If you’re ready to take advantage of low mortgage rates and a high demand for your existing home, reach out to us at We offer a first time home buyers mortgage and generous down payment and closing costs. We want to help you find your way "home".

Visit us at for information on our mortgages tailor made for first time home buyers and to find out more about our generous down payment programs. You''ll be glad you did.


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