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Turn Your Vision Into Reality!

The Housing Finance Authority’s mortgage is perfect for first-time homebuyers in Miami-Dade County. First-time homebuyer is defined as a person who has not owned a home in the last 3 years. Our 30-year mortgage has a fixed, low-interest rate. Once approved for an HFA Mortgage, buyers qualify for down payment assistance up to $15,000 in the form of a deferred 0% second mortgage.


Browse through our website to learn about more HFA programs. Or speak with someone immediately at 305-594-2518

The New House

HFA Program Highlights

House Icon with money sign

Down payment assistance for up to $15,000 at 0% as a second mortgage

House icon with percentage sign

HFA mortgage has a low, fixed interest rate over 30 years

Arrows circling house icon

Financing for condos as well as 1-4 unit family homes

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Down payment funds may be used with other community assistance programs

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Convenient, online homebuyer education course

Am I eligible?
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Do you meet the following requirements?

Am I Eligible?

Have a minimum credit score of 660 or higher


Be employed in the same line of work for 24 months


Be a US citizen or have permanent residency

immigration status

Meet income limits

Household for 1 -2 persons

Non-Target: $103,200 Target: $123,840

Household for 3 or more persons

Non-Target: $118,680 Target: $144,480


Meet the home purchase requirements

Maximum purchase price:

Non-Target: $568,557  Target: $694,903

Please contact an approved lender for the current interest rate.

5 Steps to Qualify for an HFA Mortgage

Qualifying is easy.

Business representative

1. ​Pre-qualify with an HFA lender to determine your mortgage amount.

Additional HFA Mortgage Criteria
  1. The home must be located in Miami-Dade County.

  2. You must be willing to live in the home as your primary residence.

  3. The home may be a single family, townhouse, condominium, duplex, up to a four-plex.

  4. Buyers must complete an 8 hour Homebuyers Education Course

Icon of lender in a house

Ready to take the first step? Contact a participating lender to learn about your options and get pre-qualified.

HFA Lender List
Lender List
New Home Owners

To qualify for single-family affordable housing programs, first-time homebuyers need to earn an eight hour Homebuyer Education Certificate. The HFA offers an online HUD-approved homebuyer education course for $30.


The course is available in English and Spanish. The course will teach homebuyers how to prepare to purchase a home; manage their finances; understand their credit score; get a mortgage; shop for a home; live green and protect their investment in homeownership.

Please note, if you qualify for programs outside of the HFA you may be required to take additional courses. Talk with your lender to determine if this course will satisfy your program requirements. 


HB Education
Income/Purchase Limits
red target on map

 Target Area Locator

Homes located within certain Census Tracts are federally designated target areas and are exempt from the first time homebuyer requirement. Additional incentives for purchasing homes in these target areas include higher income and purchase price limits.


To determine if a home is within a target area, first look up the address using the link provided below and compare the census tract number to the list. Click on link “Target Area Locator”; enter the property address to locate the census tract number (Tract Code). Click on the List of Census Tract numbers to see if the property is located in a target area. 

Click here to view the Census Tract map. The highlighted numbers designate a target area.


To view the locator, click the link below which will open another browser window. HFA cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the Target Area website. The information listed is subject to change.

Important Links:

Target Area Locator
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