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Through our Multifamily Mortgage Revenue Bond (MMRB) Program we provide low interest rate loans to developers who produce new or rehabilitated housing units for low, moderate and middle income families who desire to rent in Miami-Dade County.

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Benefits of the Multifamily Mortgage Revenue Bond Program

Encourages the acquisition, construction, renovation and rehabilitation of multifamily projects.


Provides bond financing for qualified multifamily rental housing developments which meet the goals of the HFA and comply with applicable federal and state laws.


The HFA’s MMRB program can be combined with multiple sources of funds which must be coordinated by the Developer.


HFA Bond Financed 2020 Income Limits

Application for Multifamily Rental

Housing Bond Financing – 2021 Edition

To download the application(s) for Multifamily Rental Housing Bond Financing, please provide us with your name, email, and company name. We do not anticipate any changes to this application, however, should there be any changes we would like to be able to contact you as soon as possible. The other optional fields will allow us to cross-reference your information with our records, and enable us to e-mail you any other information should it become available. Once you press send, a new window will open with the link to download the application. 


Handbook for management companies with MMRB funded developments

HFA Compliance Manual


Architectural Design and Review Advisory Committee (ADRAC)

The ADRAC mission is to increase the aesthetic quality and livability of affordable housing financed by the HFA. ADRAC is a standing committee of community volunteers with professional architectural credentials and expertise. The Board of the Housing Finance Authority appoints committee members.

Members review developers’ construction plans to determine the degree to which high quality standards are incorporated into their proposed projects. ADRAC’s review requires a “passing grade” of 80% to receive a positive recommendation to the HFA Board.

You can download the book below at no cost. Please note that the file is large and may take some time to download.


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