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Bill management 101

When money is tight, it’s important to know what bills are coming up and when they need to be paid. Consider using a bill calendar tool like Your Money, Your Goals. It is a financial empowerment toolkit that can help you track your bills, plan ahead and avoid late fees. See the link below.

For some bills, like credit cards, if you check with your creditor you may be able to adjust the bill’s due date. For others, like rent, you can ask your landlord to consider splitting a large monthly payment into two smaller payments. If you are late, even by a few days, you may have to pay an extra fee. As always, check directly with your creditors to find out about your payment options or dial 211 or 311 for local resources.

If you or others experience a problem with a financial product or service, you can submit a complaint directly with the Center Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

For a list of the tools featured in this email and others, visit the CFPB blog to help when you can’t pay your bills. Once you feel like you're ready to buy your first home, visit us at for information on our mortgage, down payment and closing cost assistance.

Bill Calendar Tool

Your Money, Your Goals Toolkit

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