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Survey Determines That This Homebuying Preference Separates Men and Women

Most people would agree men and women tend to think and behave differently, and we have the science from brain scans, controlled studies, and psychology to prove how and why. So, it's a fact that the way men and women see, hear, communicate and process information is different.

It is no surprise that a couple looking to buy a home would have varying views on certain attributes, from appliances to the size of the backyard.

Redfin surveyed over 1,000 Americans on the features and factors that matter most when buying a home. When it comes to men vs. women, some differences stand out, while others appear closer than some would expect.

The biggest difference among all attributes is the number of bedrooms, ranking 6.7% higher for women. In close second is accessibility to good schools, at 6.6% higher for women.

The Redfin study didn't stop with men vs. women. It also looked at different home preferences between parents vs. non–parents, Android vs. iPhone users, dog vs. cat people, and much more.

Perhaps men and women think more alike than predicted when it comes to home sweet home.

To learn more about Redfin study, click here


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